Swim Fit LA Swimming Lessons and Swim Classes

Whether you are learning to swim or training for a triathlon or competitive event, take your swimming to the next level with professional swim instruction from Swim Fit LA.

Swim Lessons For Kids

Whether you want to make your child pool safe or simply want to introduce the joys of swimming to your children, our swimming lessons for kids in Los Angeles utilizes our proven Swim Fit LA Method for quickly teaching kids to learn to swim.

Swim Lessons For Adults

Now you can learn from some of the very best swimmers in the world with our swim lessons for adults in Los Angeles. No matter your age or ability, our adult swim lessons let you learn proper swim technique from professional swim instructors.

Swimming is one of the best ways to lose weight, build endurance and stay in the best shape possible. Become a better swimmer. Join the best masters or kids swim team in Los Angeles where many of our coaches are national and Olympic level swimmers.

Training for a triathlon is unlike any other sporting event and often times the swim portion is the most difficult for triathletes to master. Swim Fit LA offers professional triathlon swim training that is custom tailored specifically for the aspects of open water swimming.

Learn how to visualize your success and turn it right into a reality with sports psychology and mental coaching from Coach Markus Rogan. A powerful and ready mind is the key to executing your practice, overcoming fears and believing you have what it takes to win.

Sports Nutrition

Jennifer Katz, our professional sports nutritionist in Los Angeles, will work with you to develop a sport nutrition plan that provides a balance of carbohydrates and protein specifically tailored to your body type and the level of performance you want to achieve.

About Us

Swim Fit LA

At Swim Fit LA being in the water is our passion! We offer:
  • Swim lessons for kids, babies and adults
  • Competitive swimming classes
  • Triathlon swimming and cross training swim lessons
  • Sports nutrition services
  • Mental coaching services
  • Private event lifeguard services
The instructors at Swim Fit LA are truly one of a kind as many are national level or Olympic level world class swimmers with vast swimming and coaching experience. Share our passion for swimming! Contact us today. 888-975-7946


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